Business Consulting

Knowledge and experience applied to your business.

Business Consulting

We know how to help you

Technology alone will not solve your problems. For your operation to be efficient you need to implement processes and practices that complement and are aligned with the technological solution.

Our experts in contact center operations and productivity, marketing, sales and CX help you understand what you are doing well, what you could do better, how other companies with similar challenges have had good results, what are the best practices and how to implement strategic processes to maximize the return on your investment.

Integrate your platform

Integrate your platform with the rest of your company.

The contact center should not be an island in your organization, but on the contrary, it should be integrated to the corporate business processes. Every time a customer calls, sends an email, requests a chat or is contacted by your company, a business process is triggered and your omnichannel platform should be part of it. Whether it's a product sale, a complaint or a response to a marketing ad, there are people, processes and systems involved that have to interact with each other. At inConcert we not only provide the technology, but also the knowledge to integrate all these components into a solution aligned to your business objectives.

Business Process Modeling, Integration and Automation

Business Process Modeling, Integration and Automation.

Because we trust in our technology and human team, we offer you the most complete Technical Support plan in the market: all inclusive, with no time limits, no incident limits, no additional costs and no surprises.